New York Hua Lien Tsu Huei Temple was founded by Mr. Chun-chong Ho in 1991. Ms. A-fen You Ho served as the head of the Temple for more than one decade, making great efforts in pioneering and developing works. Now the head of this magnificent Temple is Ms. Chun-yen Ho.

The Temple was originally a small one located in a Roosevelt Avenue basement in Flushing, New York. The name of the temple –“New York Hua Lien Tsu Hui Temple–was derived from the spirit writing of Golden Mother. Through word of mouth, more and more people have come to worship Golden Mother. In 2002, the temple moved to College Point Boulevard, Flushing. Then in 2007, Golden Mother sent a message through the planchette, dictating that a venue for Daoist initiation and rituals was needed so as to organize charity activities or cultural events. Disciples looked all around for a place with bigger space. In 2008, due to the divine revelation of Golden Mother and thanks to the help of Mr. Shan-liang Chang , an empty site was found in a popular district on College Point Boulevard. Coincidentally, this location was exactly the spot where Golden Mother originally designated to set up the Temple. By the finger of Golden Mother, we finally bought the land with the donation and contribution from disciples and people of good will.

However, in the beginning of 2009 when the construction work started, there were lots of obstacles involving regulations of architectural engineering and the application process. Thanks to the divine power from Golden Mother, a gentleman in charge of construction business, Peter Chen, heard of our predicament and came to our assistance. The construction work was carried out under the direction of Peter Chen. On the other hand, Headmistress Ho, who appears soft outwardly but is firm and unyielding underneath, guarded the construction with the temple staff and disciples. She regarded the construction of the Temple as a trial and an honor and persevered through many ups and downs. Now she has become an inspiration to the followers of Golden Mother.

Just as what Golden Mother dictated by means of spirit writing, “all the difficulties in the process of construction would be tided over one by one.” The construction was completed. In the grand opening of the Temple on April 24, 2012 (the twenty-fourth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar), Golden Mother was enshrined. From then on, New York Hua Lien Tsu Hui Temple has become the only holy temple built in the Eastern architectural style in the Eastern part of the United States. It is a place for contemplation and inspiration and a land of blessing and delight.